Tornado Dumps Belongings Stolen From Neighbors On Thief’s Front Yard

As they say, karma is a bitch. One Kingsport, Tennessee, man found that out the hard way when a tornado ripped through his home and deposited its contents on his front yard.

Wait, how is that karma? Many of the items found in the yard turned out to have been stolen from his neighbors.

Scumbag Jerrod has been charged with two burglaries and two thefts.

When a tornado hit, this “good neighbor,” Jerrod Christian, was already in jail on unrelated charges for stealing his girlfriend’s van. As others went outside to assess their own property damage, they noticed something odd about the stuff on Christian’s lawn; it was theirs.

Ed Cleek noticed his red air compressor in Christian’s yard and called the police. Cops later discovered stolen property worth around $2,000, including a welder, a ratchet, an air hose and a weed trimmer that belonged to other folks in the neighborhood. Maybe this guy is a total kleptomaniac, or maybe he just wanted to do some yard work. What kind of thief steals a weed trimmer?  Just ask to borrow it next time, and don't bring it back. Is he also hoarding cups of sugar from the old ladies who bake cookies in the neighborhood?

Good Guy Tornado

This whole thing is going to make for a great story when Christian goes to the joint. Not many inmates will be able to say they got busted by a tornado. He didn’t go quietly, though. When he was confronted about the burglaries, he started shouting and cursing at the officers, which is always a super smart way to plead your innocence. He then proceeded to go all in for the Oscar nomination by threatening to assault the officer and sexually assault his children.

OK, sounds like Good Guy Tornado needs to pay a visit to Jerrod’s jail cell.

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