Women Protest Open Carry Gun Law By Showing Off Their Breasts...For Some Reason

These women don't like your open gun carry law and they aren't afraid to show it. By showing it, I mean they walked around downtown Austin, Texas, this weekend with their boobs hanging out.

The folks of CATI (Come And Take It) were doing their monthly open carry "walk through" with weapons in hand near the capital when they saw something stranger than a group of people walking around with assault rifles: topless women. Sounds like a great intro to Fury Road.

These local women decided to make a point that if people can carry their shotguns or rifles in public, women should be able to bare their boobs as well, stating that boobs do more good than guns by feeding children instead of harming them (for example).

Most of the information from the altercation is coming from pro-gun sites so it's a little tough to get an unbiased description of what went down, but luckily we have the video, which is more amusing than anything.

I can understand how carrying a shotgun in public might make anyone uncomfortable, but I'm not sure how taking your boobs out will make your argument clear instead of turning it into a joke. This protest sign, for example, skews a bit from their point.

Regardless, I personally wouldn't want to stand in a Chipotle and see a AR-15 swinging next to me as I order a chicken burrito to go. I don't think that would make me feel safe at all. But then again, neither would a topless woman. What are your thoughts? These two knuckle-heads below have their minds made up.