Someone Put Up a Topless Nun Billboard Up for the Pope’s Visit to Naples

It’s gotta suck being The Pope. Sure, you’ve got your own city, your own army, your own legion of devoted followers who would punch themselves in the face to prove how much they love you but then there’s the whole “no women allowed” thing. That’s why we’re a little confused over the controversy surrounding a certain billboard in Naples, Italy.

The clothing company Rosso Di Sera didn’t do a good job of timing their newest billboard. It features a rather, um, zaftig nun without a shirt. They posted their billboard right before Pope Francis planned to visit the town on March 21st.

The billboard caused a rash of complaints from the devout locals who called the billboard blasphemous and badly timed. The company insisted that they were not targeting the Pope or his planned visit noting that the billboard had been in the works long before the Pope scheduled his visit. They also insisted that “there was no intent to blaspheme” or “trivialize the act of prayer.” Besides, isn’t a topless woman with big honkers what most men pray for in the first place?

The company hasn’t said if they intend to remove the billboard before the Pope comes to town and we say they should leave it up there. I mean, what exactly are you supposed to get for the guy who has everything except access to a naked woman?

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source: Death and Taxes