Topless Naked Female Cartoon Character Appeared On Nickelodeon TV Show

Sometimes humans on television have the occasional nip slip, wardrobe malfunction or desire to streak naked through a football game. However it’s a rare occasion when nudity on television has to be drawn into the frame. This is what happened during and episode of the children’s animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches which aired on Nickelodeon this past week. In the background is clearly a portrait of a topless chick- I mean duck

Just when I think I’ve exhausted the internet for new fetishes to get into, they got to show me a topless duck lady. Time to search for “quack porn.”

The television network quickly pulled the episode from the Internet and rotation on the channel. Plus I’m guessing this is the last time they let “Sketchy Carl” draw the backgrounds.  You can watch a video clip of the foul fowl in action here:

[[contentId: 2835932| | size: 75]]

To be accurate no humans were actually naked on television; it’s a drawing of a duck lady who doesn’t really exist. However people need to bitch about something to fill up their day I guess. According to TMZ one angry parent had to have a discussion about female anatomy with their young son.

Maybe it was all a tribute to that scene from Howard The Duck where he rockets by a pair of feathered tatas? What young boy wasn’t scarred for life after seeing duck boobs? Now a whole new generation of kids can be mentally damaged by anthropomorphic duck titties. They don’t make them like any more;

This of course raises the time old question:

 If Goofy had sex with Pluto, would it be bestiality?

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Source: TMZ