Top 5 Things David Letterman Could Do After Retirement

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Apr. 03, 2014

Now that David Letterman plans to announce his retirement on tonight's Late Show, here are a few things we may see Letterman partaking in with his free time.

#5: Dentistry

With teeth like Letterman's, how could he not give back to the world that gave so much to him. 

#4: Donating his fancy socks to Goodwill

No need for his tailor made, designer bred clothes anymore now that his show will be over.  Time to help those looking for a real good deal. 

#3: Perfecting his pencil throwing

Letterman is the king of this sport, but there's always room for improvement.  Also, since he gave away his clothes, he has to now wear his wife's.

#2: More philandering

Sure, why not.  It's okay with us, we won't judge. 

#1: Making a cake mold out of Paul Shaffer's head

 And what better way to find inspiration than Paul's infamous dome.  Paul is going into retirement as well, so Letterman may as well get him in the mix.  The CAKE mix!  But seriously, that cake looks disgusting.

Tune into the Late Show tonight (11:35/10:35C) to see if he mentions any of these retirement plans! 


Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

Suck Barak Obama's member on a daily basis.  No, wait, he already does that.  Sorry.

jdubs02 User

fire whoever wrote this

bigpig User

Go away and never be seen again.

Robert-Maybeth-497 User

Number 6:  Throw steel pencils at real windows and really break them.   While giggling like a tard 


start being funny isn't on here??

PlunderBeast User

@theomis  I used to watch him back in the 80's and he was pretty funny.  It got not so funny later and he just seemed to slow down.  Got to see a taping in '90 and that was pretty damn good.