6 Free Stand-Up Comedy Specials That Will Make You LOL!

Why go out tonight when you can stay in and watch some great stand-up comedy from the comfort of your own home? Break Movies has a great selection of feature length comedy specials. The best part of this is that you don’t need to shell out wads of cash for a two drink minimum or get hassled by the comedian on stage when you leave your seat to go to the bathroom.

Or worst yet, you are sitting in the front row and they start insulting you in front of hundreds of people. Every time you go to a comedy show they just keep picking on you. WHY!? Do I really look like Gary Busy and Rosie O’donnell’s love child? –So anyway, what’s next?  Check out these feature length comedy specials and let us know which your favorite is.

Katt Williams: Pimpadelic

[[contentId: 2837277| | size: 75]]

Gary Owen: Live In Concert – True Story

[[contentId: 2871872| | size: 75]]

Mike Epps Presents – Live from Club Nokia

[[contentId: 2837500| | size: 75]]

All Star Comedy Jam – Live from South Beach

[[contentId: 2837276| | size: 75]]

All Star Comedy Jam – Live from Dallas

[[contentId: 2837280| | size: 75]]

Eddie Griffin – Freedom of Speech

[[contentId: 2871552| | size: 75]]