‘Back To The Future’ Actor Tom Wilson Hands This Awesome Business Card To Fans

While most of the world is celebrating the achievements of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, let’s take a minute to recognize one of the greatest villains in movie history. Or rather the actor that portrayed him.

Tom Wilson played the evil Biff Tannen not only in three films, but also three generations of the same character (based on Donald Trump himself as confessed by the films’ co-writer) which had never been done by another actor. Of course the film’s franchise is so iconic, when Wilson is spotted in public, fans often ask him the same questions over and over again. So instead of sounding like a broken record, Wilson devised a sweet business card that he hands to fans in order to save himself a few hundred hours in his week.

The card in short says here’s probably what you wanna know, aka, please come up with some better questions next time.

Even though the long note seems like some sort of brush off, it still seems friendly in that he still cared enough about his Back to the Future fans to even take the time to create the thing in the first place. Also he leaves the conversation open-ended by adding his website address saying that you can contact him. Sometimes it’s easier to put up with an annoying person via email then a JC Penney dressing room.

If anything, it’s a good exercise on people with attention deficit disorder because that’s one lengthy business card. But this business card won’t exactly fit in your wallet for safe keeping. It’s actually more the size of a postcard in order for the text to be readable.

On one hand it’s kind of sad that actor Tom Wilson has to carry a postcard size sheet filled with answers for the general BTTF fan, but on the other hand, he IS in possibly the greatest film franchise ever. Not a bad trade.