The Mad Max Fury Road Images You Won't Find In Entertainment Weekly

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jun. 25, 2014

Entertainment Weekly released a few images showcasing Tom Hardy as our new Mad Max (we'll never forget you, Mel!) and Charlize Theron in George Miller's fourth Road Warrior movie Fury Road.  But for you real fans, we found some other behind the scenes photos from the making of Fury Road that you won't find in the magazine.

Don't worry, we included the EW images as well below!  Enjoy, guys.

And of course, the official Entertainment Weekly pics for good measure. 

I don't know who that albino guy is near the top, but he looks like one badass villain.

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Tony-Roda-325 User

I believe the "albino" is called Rictus Erectus played by Nathan Jones

km9v User

Where's Mel?

Luis A Bernal
Luis A Bernal

Unlike other crappy remakes, this one is being written and directed by the writer and director of the original.

MasterGeek User

Looks like Toecutter with the mask on!

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

What is that dude doing with overgrown carrots up his nose?

Daniel Dyer
Daniel Dyer

No no no no no this looks horrid stop ruining classics you bastard hollywoodians

That albino Frankenstein is our favorite.