Tom Hanks Was Reunited With “Wilson” Last Night During A Hockey Game (PHOTO)

It’s been literally 15 years since we saw Tom Hanks watch a blood-covered volleyball float away from his raft in the movie Castaway. And you’d be a robot if you said that scene didn’t get you right in the feels. Who knew a friendship between a man and sports equipment would mean so much to us, but luckily that loss ended last night at the New York Rangers game in New York.

The Madison Square Garden crowd got an extra bonus when cameras turned toward Tom Hanks who was sitting near the ice. Which is when he held up the iconic volleyball we all regonize as Wilson. Screw Saved by the Bell, this is the reunion we all needed.

Tom Hanks’ smile in that picture makes it look like he’s genuinely glad to have Wilson around again. While it’s unclear if Hanks himself brought Wilson or a fan handed it to him to sign, there couldn’t have been a more random yet cool occurance to happen at an ice hockey game.

And in case you’ve never seen Castaway (or even if you have, but could really use an emotional moment between a man and a volleyball right now), here’s the touching moment Hanks loses Wilson to the sea. For a mere 12 second clip, that scene and score still gets me.

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source: Bleacher Report