Tom Hanks Trying To Return This Student ID Proves He’s The Nicest Guy Ever

Even though Bill Murray might be the “coolest” celebrity out there, Tom Hanks is winning the “nicest” celebrity award by his countless good deeds to those one could call the common person. From inviting a cab driver to his broadway play or taking the time to meet one of his biggest fans who has been keeping a Tom Hanks scrapbook since the beginning of his career, it seems Tom Hanks is always happy to help make someone’s day. And if he finds, let’s say, a student ID in a random parking lot, well, he’s going to pick it up, take it back to his office and tweet out a photo of it to make sure it’s returned to the person looking for it.

The tweet which received over 6,000 retweets and 13,000 favorites had a ton of people thinking how lucky Lauren was to have her student ID fall into the hands of the two-time Oscar winner. Lucky for Lauren, her ID looks more like a glamour shot then your usual ID. Seriously, look at that photo. Most of us look as if we’ve been to hell and back with a quick pitstop at the acne factory but Lauren here is ready to win her own Oscar it looks like.

The greatest part however was Hanks tweet actually worked and the ID was eventually picked up. First, one of Lauren’s teachers caught wind of the ID and messaged Hanks via Twitter saying “@tomhanks, she’s one of my students! Let me know if I can get it for her!” Of course you can, teacher. Then Lauren’s roommate later messaged Hanks thanking him for returning the ID, saying “@tomhanks, thanks for returning my roommate’s ID! You truly are a gentleman!”

It seems Lauren is now a celebrity in her own right since Hanks made the post with Yahoo, E! and a slew of other websites covering the lost & found story. If only Hanks were 20 years younger. Would’ve made a great romantic comedy I think. Let’s just hope Rita Wilson wasn’t thinking that Hanks was trying to pick up a college student.