‘Forrest Gump’ Audition Reveals Tom Hanks Totally Went Full Re****

We all know it’s the 20th anniversary of the Oscar-Winning film Forrest Gump. It’s been talked about ad naseum, especially with the “__ facts you didn’t know about the movie”. We know, we got it, it was a good movie.

But what caught my eye is something that happened before the movie even began filming. Recently I watched the audition given by Hanks and his co-stars, specifically taking note of Hanks himself, who in the tape played Gump as, well, a drunk? It’s honestly kind of hard to say what he was going for here.

Here’s the clip, which was released on the 2001Collector’s Edition of Forrest Gump:

[[contentId: 2744216| | size: 100]]

“Hiiiiiiiiiii. Hi.”

I mean, I know this is only an audition, if not merely a screen test for the other actors, but it seems Hanks’ original performance had a real weirdo edge to it. Especially when he pulls that money out, holding it super close to his face as if trying to look through the bill. Huh? Robin Wright and Haley Joel Osment are performing pretty much exactly how they would in the film. Meanwhile, Hanks isn’t sure if he’s about to spittle on himself or laugh at his own fart.

Thankfully, Hanks smartened up (literally) and played Gump as a more sophisticated slow-witted man with some conviction behind his tone. Don’t get me wrong though, a drunk sounding Tom Hanks would’ve made a pretty interesting Gump too.

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