This Story Of Tom Hanks Befriending A Cab Driver Proves He’s The Nicest Guy Ever

A New York cabbie had an accidental run in with the one and only Tom Hanks recently, which lead to the cab driver getting tickets to Hanks’ show and a second meeting with the star backstage. Nice! But how?

Manny Anzalota got that random chance to meet the actor who was performing on Broadway last January as he was driving his taxi back at the end of his shift. He saw a man with a cap tucked down flagging his attention, but unfortunately for the stranger, Anzalota told him he couldn’t take him directly to his destination, only part of the way there. The stranger declined, looking bummed out which Anzalota noticed. After a change of heart, cabbie told the man to get in.

Anzalota says it took him a few minutes to realize it was Tom Hanks. When he finally did, only one name came to mind; “Wilson!” Anzalota yelled. Anzalota knew it was the star particularly because of his voice. “The voice is very distinctive, he speaks through his nose.” Hanks returned the nickname favor by calling Anzalota Mr. Ferrari because he was wearing a Ferrari hat and shirt.

After stopping, the two took a picture together and Hanks was off after giving Anzalota a “generous tip”. Later on, two people who were also working on Tom Hanks’ broadway show “Lucky Guy” rode in Anzolato’s cab. Once was the show’s costume designer, and another was a performer in the show, Christopher MacDonald (aka Shooter McGavin).

When word got back to Hanks that they had met the familiar cab driver, Anzolato got a surprise message that two tickets would be waiting for him to see Hanks’ show on any night he and a guest could come. An invitation to check out backstage and meet Hanks was also offered to the cab driver. He was also told to bring his Ferrari hat and shirt because Hanks wanted to sign them. Anzalota said when he and his friend arrived at the theater, they received nothing but VIP treatment. Wow.

Anzolato later said, ““How crazy is that? Cause that was me. A lucky guy!”

Just proves that Tom Hanks actually is the nicest guy in show business.

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source: Page Six