Everyone’s Making Fun Of Tom Brady’s Courtroom Sketch Because He Looks Horrific

Normally, Tom Brady is described as one handsome dude. But the courtroom artist on hand to depict the Deflategate hearings in New York today thought Brady looked more like a relative of Sloth from The Goonies in a nice suit. And everyone on the internet is pointing out how hilariously awful of a depiction it is.

Get that man a Superman t-shirt and a Baby Ruth, he’s got work to do!

Of course photographers aren’t allowed inside most court hearings unless the judge allows it, which is why journalists are relying on this artist to visualize what exactly happened with Brady and the National Football League in court today. Unfortunately from what we can tell, Brady tripped, dunked his head into a bucket of melted wax and rushed into the courtroom leaving no time to clean his face.

When something fails so hard such as this portrait, the internet is fast to help right the wrong by creating memes to support said awfulness. It’s a good day to have an internet connection, folks.

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The bigger issue to some people is if Tom Brady will be found guilty of tampering with the football during this last NFL season or not. The judge asked the side of the league to present more evidence supporting the idea that Brady had done anything to deflate his football, but clearly the most important issue here is that this sketch artist needs a few more lessons when it comes to portrait work. Sure, he had to rush to capture the moment, but at least make the man’s eyes even.