Today in Florida: Naked Man With Shovel Chases Burglars Down Street!

A man in Boynton Beach, Florida Julio Vartus was about to take a shower when he heard a loud knocking at his front door. He rushed to the door to see what the clamor was about; still naked from the shower, because he was a full grown man and not a pre-teen boy wearing swim trunks in the shower at summer camp. Seeing a strange car in the driveway he was surprised to discover a tall woman sneaking in his back window. That’s not a euphemism. A female burglar crawled in his back window to let in the two burglars out front. This is what authorities call “knock- knock” burglaries. Burglars knock at your front door to see if you’re home; which to me seems kind of lazy. If you are going to rob someone’s house at least put a little effort into it. Sit out front in a van scoping the place out, tracking the home owner’s routine until you establish a pattern and know the window of time that you have to rob them. Come on burglars! Put some honest, hard work into stealing from people!

These would be burglars got more than they bargained for as Julio sprung into action and grabbed the largest, hardest weapon he had at his fingertips, a shovel. He yelled at them and chased them from his house, as they jumped in their getaway car and sped off. Chasing them down the street, still naked, he launched his shovel javelin style toward the car and it crashed through a back window, possibly hitting one of the burglars.  He later told reporters:

“I totally forgot I was naked, man,” he said. “I ran into the street buck naked, bro.” He added that if the burglars want to come back, he will be super-duper ready next time. Somehow I don’t think they will be, unless that’s thier “thing.” Know what I’m saying?

Would you chase burglars out of your house naked in order to protect your family and property?

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