This Tiny Sculpture Of A Naked Woman Is Smaller Than A Human Hair

Artist Jonty Hurwitz teamed up with nanoscientist Stefan Hengsbach to create the word’s smallest human figure. The tiny naked lady giving an elegant pose is only as tall as the side of a sheet of paper. Is it just me or is the sculpture which is smaller than a human hair, kind of hot?

Just when you think the Internet is out of fetishes; microscope porn.

To create the “sculpture” the artist and scientist directed long wavelength light through a microscope on to a photosensitive polymer producing a 3D pixel. They repeated this process in order to build the figure one 3D pixel at a time.  And you thought making a ship in a bottle was tedious. Hopefully no one sneeze.

Wait: what if there is an even smaller sculpture on HER hair??

There was a larger purpose to creating the little woman; the process they used has applications for medicine such as creating micro “scaffolds” that could grow kidney tissue, eliminating the need for organ transplants. Although I could see people in the future getting microscopic sculptures all over their body instead of tattoos; “There is an entire city of mini people living on my arm, man!”

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Source: Popular Science