The Tiny Linebacker Glitch Might Be The Best Part Of ‘Madden 15’

A glitch in Madden ‘15 has reduced 6’2” Cleveland Browns rookie Christian Kirksey to 1’2”, making him just barely larger than the football.

Players all over have been uploading hilarious photos and Vines of the tiny player missing passes and getting crunched by tackles. Kirksey himself has even got in on the fun, tweeting, “No matter how small you are, have big dreams, and live big! #madden #glitch #1’2 #reallyLOL #goodmessagetho.”

He also told SportsCenter, “My first reaction was – where am I in the game? I couldn’t even find myself.”

When he finally spotted himself, Kirksey said he laughed while watching the tiny linebacker trying to give another player a high five.

Make all the jokes you want but this kid plays with heart and that’s what it takes to be a great.

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It’s unclear what caused shrinking effect (or why he’s dressed in a Tennessee Titans uniform) but it can easily be remedied with one of these babies.

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I’m hoping that there will be an expansion that follows Kirksey off the field. How fun would it be to see the Tiny Titan getting a DUI or fleeing the scene of a nightclub shooting? Actually, I’d better not give Hollywood or Marlon Wayans any ideas. (Source)