Tinder Profile Of Infamous Female Serial Killer Still Gets Hit On

The folks over at Mandatory decided to do a little social experiment and see just how crazy a woman had to be before men would stop hitting them up for a date. It turns out that they couldn’t find the bottom; men will talk to literally any female if she puts up a dating profile on such reputable dating apps as Tinder. This includes infamous female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos who was convicted of murdering seven men while she worked as a prostitute.

You may remember Charlize Theron getting the Oscar for her portrayal of Wuornos in the bio-picture “Monster.”  

Apparently this Academy Award winning performance wasn’t the only great interpretation of the lady killer as the Tinder profile did a great job of convincing guys that she just wanted a date.

Using pics of late murderer with some of her quotes, the Tinder profile began to get messages from interested fellas.

You could say these men were just dying to get a date.

Umm… Looks like she might have found a match!

OK, not sure who is being more creepy.

Some people didn’t get all the hints they were dropping, but this guy eventually did:


What is the creepiest experience you have ever had online dating?

Source: Mandatory

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