Time Capsule Buried By Samuel Adams And Paul Revere Unearthed

A crew in Boston is working hard to retrieve a time capsule that is thought to have been buried in 1795 by American patriots Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

I would have a beer with this guy.

The time capsule is part of the cornerstone of the Massachusetts statehouse where it was placed by leaders of the Revolutionary War. If you’re like me, when you read “Samuel Adams” you immediately thought of the iconic Boston brewing company named after the Founding Father. I seriously thought “the beer they buried in there will taste horrible by now.” #SamuelAdamsFail

Sadly no old timey brew is thought to be in the capsule.

The cornerstone of the statehouse is being removed from the building due to repair work, but will give historians and the public a chance to peek inside the 18th Century capsule that holds valuable artifacts from America’s history. The last time the capsule was unearthed was during repairs to the building in 1855 when it was noted that it contained rare coins from the 1600’s, papers and even a “Paul Revere plate” – which I assume they got from 18th Century QVC.

For only five payments of 19 pence a month this plate can be yours!

Historians are carefully removing the 219 year old time capsule and will be x-raying it before removing its contents and sharing them with the public. Maybe they will discover something so awesome they have to hide it from us in a big conspiracy.  This could be the basis for a new National Treasure film where Nicolas Cage has to find the recipe for the original Samuel Adams beer; the one they didn’t want us to know about!

What do you think is locked away in the time capsule?

Source: The Guardian

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