Tim Meadows Is Furious At SNL Sketch

Last weekend, Paul Rudd hosted SNL where he brought back the famous “Bill Brasky” sketch along with Brasky alums Will Ferrell and David Koechner.  And Tim Meadows was pissed that he wasn’t invited to play along.  Originally, Meadows would be the character to come in at the end and help wrap the sketch up, also claiming that he knew Bill Brasky.



But last weekend Meadows noticed that he has officially been replaced by Kenan Thompson, another African-American cast member playing the same part Meadows continually played in the Brasky sketches, coming in at the end, wrapping the sketch up.


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And then Meadows logged onto Facebook.  His posts almost come across as someone who had been drinking and overly emotional.  He wrote:


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Even Chris Rock of all people chimed in, wondering what was going on.


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So what do you think, was Tim Meadows overreacting?  I almost feel bad for the guy but then again, he was never the star of the sketch to begin with anyway.  But really, how great would it have been if Lorne Michaels commented on his Facebook page too.

– TODD SPENCE (twittah)