Tim Meadows Is Furious At SNL Sketch

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Dec. 09, 2013

Last weekend, Paul Rudd hosted SNL where he brought back the famous "Bill Brasky" sketch along with Brasky alums Will Ferrell and David Koechner.  And Tim Meadows was pissed that he wasn't invited to play along.  Originally, Meadows would be the character to come in at the end and help wrap the sketch up, also claiming that he knew Bill Brasky.



But last weekend Meadows noticed that he has officially been replaced by Kenan Thompson, another African-American cast member playing the same part Meadows continually played in the Brasky sketches, coming in at the end, wrapping the sketch up.



And then Meadows logged onto Facebook.  His posts almost come across as someone who had been drinking and overly emotional.  He wrote:



Even Chris Rock of all people chimed in, wondering what was going on.



So what do you think, was Tim Meadows overreacting?  I almost feel bad for the guy but then again, he was never the star of the sketch to begin with anyway.  But really, how great would it have been if Lorne Michaels commented on his Facebook page too.

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Blizzy69 User

Tim who?  Get over it crybaby.

eldystar User

he was pretty good on the show but yeah to fly someone out for a few lines would be a bit pricey.

Uputz User

I had to Google Tim Meadows. That pretty much sums it up.

creepyasscracker User

SNL has sucked since the 80's, but for an exception of a few like Phil Hartman

justhefacts UserTop Commenter

Get over it, its not even a sketch that anyone remembers let alone……what was that black guys name again? 

booger82 User

Stupid fucking sketch anyway. Not funny in the least.

LiftO User

It reads a tad sarcastic to me. I think he's just being funny.

Cue laughter.

Larzo00 User

Newsflash: Tim Meadows has feelings like everyone else. 

aaron_2414 User

He's no longer a part of the cast, he doesn't have a brand new movie co-starring with the host of the episode...I don't see any reason to be upset

LostKeys User

Who gives a shit...? I would take 10 of these trade offs to have kept Megan Fox for the last transformers, or the sexy rachel in The Dark Knight.. 

Sam-Axe-363 User

who the hell reads Tim Meadows' facebook page?

Greenaccord User

I think it's a bit telling that [a probably drunk] Tim Meadows typed: "but everyone in a while as a fan and alumni, it stings a little..." when he probably meant to type "...every once in a while..."

ChiTownIllist User

scum bag lives in lincoln park in chicago.. small ass house for a hassss beeen nothing lol

LostKeys User

@Sam-Axe-363 If you look at his comments in those pictures it's pretty clear only he does lol.

Mike-Emmons-39 User

"via mobile" have you heard of auto-correct?