Are You Ready For A Live Action ‘Dumbo’ Directed By Tim Burton?

Tim Burton is going to be directing a live action Dumbo whether you like it or not.

It’s a pretty big movie news day considering Zoolander 2 was officially announced and now Tim Burton’s big press release revealing that he’ll take on yet another well-known Disney property about a flying elephant. Personally, I’d love for him to get back to directing more adult fair because (in my humbled opinion) Alice in Wonderland was just atrocious. For a man that began his career in animation, stop motion and miniatures, he’s certainly relying a whole-helluva lot on CGI, which if used overused, can ruin any live action film. But then again, Alice in Wonderland grossed $1 billion world-wide so what do I know. He’s in a mansion and I’m eating cold oatmeal for lunch.

As noted by the Wall Street Journal, it should be no surprise that Burton has gravitated toward this particular material considering he has a love of Circus settings and motifs, dating back to Batman Returns and Big Fish. Who will play (or voice) Dumbo we’re still not sure, so stay tuned for more info as it gets released. Or not, because this might be terrible.

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source: WSJ