Thousands In China Witness A Floating City Appear In The Clouds!

I know what you are thinking; this whole thing is FAKE right out of the gate. No way did a “city” in any way, shape or form appear above China. Well take a look at the photos and video below that has the Internet freaking the F out.

Hey the cloud city might have cheaper rent than San Francisco, am I right?

Is China’s smog becoming so thick that the pollution particles are actually starting to solidify into buildings? Thousands of residents in the Chinese cities of Jiangxi and Foshan were stunned, shocked and flabbergasted to see a ghostly cloud city floating in the sky above them. Either everyone is having a group hallucination, we are all getting a pretty sweet opium contact high or Jimmy Kimmel has really outdone himself this time. That is because as far as anyone can tell these images are one hundred percent real.

Out of nothing buildings appeared in the clouds above Jiangxi and the pictures of what appeared above Foshan are truly insane as the normally barren skyline suddenly was filled with what appeared to be large building, complete with trees.

Maybe we are all just living in a cloud and WE are the mirage, man.

Scientists want us to believe that the above photo is just a mirage called a Fata Morgana. Does that image look like a mirage to you? They say this is a rare optical illusion that happens during the right weather conditions. According to IFLS:

“When light hits a boundary between two layers of the atmosphere that are different temperatures and thus densities, it is bent, or refracted, and subsequently enters the next layer at a different angle. Our brain can’t automatically account for this, so when light hits our eyes, our brain assumes that it traveled in a straight path. When it has been refracted, we therefore perceive the object is where it would be if the light had run straight – which is higher than it actually is.”

Someone is certainly getting bent.

As you can imagine conspiracy theorists heads are about to explode like they were living in a city floating at 30 thousand feet. Some have postulated that what we are in fact witnessing a parallel universe open up and reveal this ghost city to us. Makes sense.

And then there is the NASA funded Blue Beam Project. The Blue Beam Project is the theory that NASA is going to implement a New World Order by using holograms to project the Second Coming and the arrival of The Antichrist in the sky all over the world. This will trick people into becoming believers… and forming one world religion and dictatorship; or something. NASA, holograms, Antichrist; what more do you need?  

Break Question Of The Day: What do you think the cloud city really is?

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Source: IFLS