Married Man Sent A Doppleganger To DNA Test After Getting Woman Pregnant

When you’re in a long-term relationship with the mother of your two children, life can seem pretty rough for a 25-year-old father. But it can get even worse if you fool around behind your main squeeze’s back and get another chick pregnant. Thomas Kenny tried to have his mistress get an abortion, but she wouldn’t hear of it deciding to keep the baby. Courts finally ordered Kenny to take a DNA test to prove he is indeed the father and that his pregnant “girlfriend” deserves a little monetary help, which is when Kenny decided to get real creative with only an idea that might work in a 90’s sitcom.

Kenny found someone that looked kinda sorta like him and sent that guy in his place to take the DNA test. But did it work? Of course not!

After immediately getting caught and arrested, a judge sentenced Kenny to six months in prison and ordered to pay over $2,000 in compensation and costs. Good times! Sounds awful to us, but maybe Kenny is secretly happy he’ll have a vacation from his black hole of a life.

The Judge had some words for Kenny at his court hearing after being found guilty of fraud for sending in a DNA test look-a-like:

“I know you are said to be the loving father of two children by your longstanding relationship but this case shows you were prepared to disown a child of your own for financial gain. Morally you can not sink lower than that.”

It’s not certain where Kenny got the idea to send in someone (or who that person even was) that looked like himself, but I’m hoping a few Looney Tunes cartoons was at least acknowledged in the courts. I know Daffy Duck has gotten away with it a few times.