This Hot Girl Found Another Hot Girl That Looks Exactly Like Her

Sometimes we all notice that an actor looks like another actor or you have a friend that looks “exactly” like another friend. However for a 23 year-old woman named Amanda Fisher friends told her of another beautiful young lady who looked exactly like her…named  Amanda Pond.

At first Fisher thought the other Amanda must be someone Catfishing on Instagram and using her photos to create a bogus account. However on closer inspection she realized that it was in fact a complete stranger. And after a moment of panic she thought perhaps she had found her long lost twin sister, separated at birth, but quickly came to the conclusion that that was impossible. Although I contend that a “Parent Trap” scenario is less weird.  

The one thing social media has taught us is that you are not a “snowflake.” There are billions of people out there and some of them look just like you and some even have the same exact name as you. I friended everyone with my name I could find on Facebook and it is just weird getting updates from a “Phil Haney” who seems to be having a lot more fun than me. I don’t recommend it.

She told Buzzfeed:

“I get told quite often that I look like Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry, so I figured it was probably someone that had a slight resemblance like I do with them.”

Fisher says that Pond looks even more like her mother as you can see in the old pic below: time traveler?

At first Amanda Fisher had trouble contacting Amanda Pond who would not respond to her messages. I’m guessing it was freaking for her to get messages from a girl with her face. Or: perhaps the reason she has thus far been able to contact the other girl is that she found her evil twin from a parallel universe as we discovered proof of parallel timelines in the form of The Berenstein/stain Bears conspiracy.

The win for us is that now there are two lovely ladies that look like her in this world. Nobody cares much when a guy that looks like Barney Frank meets the singer Meat Loaf finds his “twin.”

What do you think? Do these ladies look exactly alike?

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Source: Buzzfeed