This Guy Got A Surprise Rambo Themed Bachelor Party That Will Blow You Away

Dana Saint has been a huge fan of Rambo ever since he was a kid. And his friends thought what better bachelor party could there possibly be than re-enacting the Rambo films with their friend. The best part is he had no idea any of it was planned.

After the adventure was planned, the first step was to arrest the drifter named Rambo, aka the bachelor.

They booked him and de-clothed him as done in the movie First Blood, only the shower was actually a spray tanning booth.

After looking more like Stallone, they gave him new clothes. A black tank top and a red headband.

But the bachelor got the best of the police and escaped, stealing a purposefully placed motorbike with the keys in the ignition.

Their friend knew where to go because he was given an ipod with recorded directions. And after a hilarious car chase, the bachelor eluded police by escaping into the woods.

After finding the clearing, this is where the next chapter in the adventure began.

To save the P.O.W.’s, aka his other buddies.

His first friend was waiting for him. And so was this boat…

…with plenty of AMMO.

Loaded with fireworks, the bachelor found the P.O.W. camp holding his friends. The enemy began to open fire by throwing water balloons as Rambo retaliated with bottle rockets.

After defeating the captors, the bachelor freed his friends and with directions, led them into the woods to find more prisoners of war.

Lucky the bachelor was able to find some delicious supplies left behind. Hey, it is a bachelor party afterall.

With other captives close by, the bachelor carefully led his friends to the next camp where one of his buddies was being fake electrocuted.

Turns out it was a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time that flew in from out of state.

But there were more friends to save in the next camp.

And a full on Rambo-style battle broke out with more water balloons…

…paint ball guns…

…and real explosions.

But just like Rambo: First Blood Part II, the bachelor needed a love interest to save. Fortunately another buddy was happy to help. And wear a wig.

After the bachelor and his friends saved every prisoner, there was one more surprise. A visit from Col. Sam Trautman, aka the bachelor’s future father-in-law.

The Col. had one final mission for Rambo. And it wasn’t marriage to his daughter.

A paid for trip to Columbia as one final big adventure with his friends.

Now that is how you put on a rad bachelor party.

Thankfully, you can watch the whole adventure unfold in the video below. Well done, gentleman. Very well done.

RAMBO DAY. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

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