This Guy Made A Combat Ready Batman Suit

There are all sorts of makeshift superheroes running around the streets trying to stop legitimate crimes like Seattle’s Phoenix Jones but they don’t have the means to create a set of super armor like Bruce Wayne does in the Batman comics and movies. Such an endeavor has to be expensive. Not only does a Batsuit have state-of-the-art armor that can withstand any kind of weapons a bad guy can throw at them but it’s also modeled in the shape of a bat. So basically you’d have to have enough money to cover the cost of a weapons expert, a government grade defense contractor and Tim Gunn just to create one suit. We’re assuming the story you can tell from creating such a bizarre alliance would be its own reward. 

A student at Philadelphia University may have found a way to create a relatively cost-efficient Batman suit that can actually be used in combat. Jackson Gordon, an industrial design student at Philadelphia University, wanted to build a Batman costume that not only looked as good as the real thing but could also be used in combat to protect the person playing the Bat if they ever go up against a crowd of criminal goons. So he spent five months working on a combat-ready Batsuit and unveiled it at the Katsucon anime convention in Maryland.

Now let’s see him crash through that window.

He claims that the suit can not only withstand punches and kicks but it can also protect the Dark Knight inside it from baseball bats and even knives and sharp blades such as machetes. The suit not only has such strong, defensive capabilities but it also looks pretty close to the movie grade Batman suits we’ve seen so far if you don’t count Adam West’s Batsuit in “Batman: The Movie.” 

Frankly, West’s tights looked so thin and flimsy that they probably couldn’t protect him if someone threw a crumpled up piece of paper at him. 

Source: Elite Daily