This Girl Has A Birthmark In The Shape Of A Dinosaur!

A young lady revealed to the Internet an interesting birth mark which may or may not change your outlook on life. Pulling up her shirt and showing off her backside, a user on Imgur, maximeindeed proudly displayed what paleontologists would call a good old fashioned dinosaur.

It is totally a Brontosaurus. While he Brontosaurus went extinct 60 million years ago, this girl’s birthmark lives strong in our hearts. The birthmark specifically appears to be a Brontosaurus taking a dump.

The girl calls it her natural tramp stamp, saying that;

“Basically, it’s a bigass birthmark or dyspigmentation I believe it’s called. I have always hated it and since I can remember I’ve said “when I’m older I’m having it removed”. As I got older however I have realized its charm and grown to love it.”

Is that the birthmark? I can’t tell.

What I find very strange is out of all the weird shapes that a birthmark could take, by a dinosaur? I think we just uncovered the new plot of Jurassic Park 5! In an effort to get the public OK again with opening the park, Geneticists implant human babies with dinosaur DNA but the only thing that happens is they get a cute dinosaur birthmark.   

(Or this is the plot to Jurassic World Part 2 as they may be calling it? Which really makes no sense; it’s like how in the Leprechaun franchise they came out with Leprechaun in the Hood, which was technically Part 5, but then the film after that, technically Part 6 was titled Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood- emphasis on the “2.”)

What do you guys think? Does her birthmark look like a dinosaur? What is the weirdest birthmark you have ever seen in real life?

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