This Device Turns Your Smart Phone Into A Classic Gameboy

Ok, before you say it, YES this Gameboy iPhone attachnent was supposed to be a planned April Fool’s Day hoax. However, since the response to the product was so positive, the company who made the original press release as a gag is now planning to actually make the “SmartBoy” for REAL.

Hyperkin designed a pretty convincing looking blueprint for an attachment that would fit over an iPhone 6 replicating the iconic design of the 1989 Nintendo Gameboy. The SmartBoy would have an input for original Gameboy cartridges in the back and an input for your smart phone in the front.

The phone will be able to play the original Gameboy games through and app, finally connecting your childhood way of staring at a hand held device with your adult way of staring at a hand held device and ignoring the world around you.  

How I missed you.

Hyperki says that they “wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.”

-This includes expanding the different smart phones that will be compatible with the Smartboy to Android in the near future. I for one have a case full of 50 old Gameboy games, yet my actual Gameboy has 20 year old battery ooze coming out of the back of it.

Would you buy a SmartBoy when it goes on sale or is it time to move on from Tetris and get with the times?

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Source: DailyDot