This Crazy Guy Peed On Dolph Lundgren And Lived To Tell About It

Matt Pritchard is best known as a prankster / stuntman and star of the MTV show Dirty Sanchez. From what I can tell this guy is like the British version of Steve-O, which sounds completely terrifying. Somehow he ended up on a private flight with Rocky IV star, Dolph Lundgren. Unfortunately for Lundgren, Pritchard decided to get all liquored up and pop a few Xanax on the flight. That’s when ALL of his clothes came off…

That thing will totally fit in the overhead compartment.

Not one to end things there with a little naked time at 30 thousand feet he started running around the plane, climbing over seats… and eventually URINATING on “Ivan Drago” himself. Dolph was not to happy.

After being arrested at the airport when the plane landed Pritchard told reporters;

“I took a Xanax, which is a sedative that knocks you out, to put me to sleep on the flight.  I didn’t realize you’re not supposed to mix them with alcohol. I had a lot of alcohol and blacked out.”

“Found the peanuts.”

To put things in perspective, the two, who did not previously know each other were being flown from Amsterdam to an event in Las Vegas… which I think now makes this seem like appropriate in flightbehavior.   Pritchard took to social media to apologize for the whole thing, saying;

“Just arrived in the U.S. and what a flight that was. To cut a long story short I was found pissing on the floor next to @dolphlundgren and woke up in a different seat. I think it’s time to address my alcohol issues. Apologies to all.”

For his part, good guy Dolph laughed the whole thing off After Pritchard sobered up and apologized for the golden shower, The Expendables star even shook hands with him, telling him not to worry about it. He was more like; “If he peed, he peed.”

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