This Bodycam Footage Of Cop Sprinting To Save Guy On Train Tracks As Train Barrels Towards Him Is Nuts

There are very few things in life that will get me to start running. The day I get mugged because I’m too lazy to shuffle my stubby little legs any faster will be the day I start jogging, but until then it’s eating steak, potatoes, and anything else that’ll fill me with clogged arteries of regret in my thirties.

The one exception might be if I saw someone I loved laying on train tracks with a train barreling towards them, but even that is a stretch – first we’d have to determine whether this person is replaceable. When was the last time they gave me a present? Good friends are hard to come by, but finding an idiot to buy you stuff is pretty easy as long as you have an Internet connection. But one New Jersey police officer is a better person than I am (as I’m sure every NJ cop is), as he saw a complete stranger hangin’ out on some train tracks and sprinted to get him out of the way of an oncoming train in time:

According to CBS News, officer Kyle Savoia was wearing his body camera when it recorded him as he ran to save a man who was lying face-down on train tracks without any idea there was a train coming. “In a split second, I decided to start running,” he told CBS New York. “In that situation, your training takes over.” Further investigation revealed that the man was homeless, and after being taken to a local hospital for treatment he made sure to visit the police headquarters to thank officer Savoia again.

“He said I’m a true hero to him,” Kyle Savoia recalled. “That he had a two-year-old, [and] that he had a family to go home to.”


That’s some real hero shit right there — now if only every cop could be like officer Kyle Savoia, we’d be in much better shape.

[H/T CBS News]