These Period-Proof Underwear Will Put Tampon Companies Out Of Business

When ladies go through that time of the month, it can not only be a painful time (so I hear) but also an expensive one with the amount of tampons, pads and anything else a lady usually has to buy in order to just get through that one week or so a month. Well a few ladies decided enough was enough with the costly temporary products and created a line of underwear that actually replace the pads and ‘pons with built in leak-proof materials.

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The undies which come in three different types/styles (Thong, Cheeky and Hip Hugger, depending on the ladies flow) are all hygienic and washable. The New York company behind the miracle underwear is called Thinx, and their official statement regarding this new invention reads “By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world.” The real problem is if you’d like to have bloody underwear hanging out in the laundry basket.

Personally I’m not sure I would trust a pair of underwear to do the trick such as this without knowing 100%. Especially on a roller coaster or maybe even a first date, but hey, thankfully I’ll never have to worry about experiencing it. You girls have your work cut out for you.