Thieves Steal Car, Then Drop Child In The Backseat Off At School

Norfolk, Virginia police spokesperson Daniel Hudson has announced that a boy who was in the backseat of his mom’s stolen car was safely dropped off at school — by the carjackers.

The 8-year-old boy was in the his mother’s car while she was inside her work at the local Post Office and the keys were in the ignition — with the car running. These elements apparently were the recipe for disaster, as two men decided to steal the car and go on a male Thelma & Louise journey.

Norfolk, Virginia post office

The Post Office in question.

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Shortly after the men sped away, they found out that the boy was in the backseat. So what else would an average, everyday car thief do?

They asked him where he went to school. See a video shot of the school below:

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The carjackers then drove the kid to school and dropped him off there. Meanwhile, the mom had come out of the Post Office and thought, “Holy crap! My car is gone!”

I know. I can’t believe she didn’t think about her son in that situation, either…

iPhone tracking screenshot

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But all’s well that ends well. The car was found abandoned just a few miles away after a co-worker helped the mom track her iPhone — which she had left inside the car.

“At first, they thought maybe a family member had taken the boy to school,” Hudson said about the school.

stolen car found in Norfolk, Virginia

Car was found here three miles away.

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When police discovered the car had been stolen and asked the boy if he was scared, he said, “Yeah, a little.”

So how did this come about? The mom reportedly has to be at work about 30 minutes before school time, so she leaves her son in the car with it running and he jams out to some tunes before school — which is half a mile away.

These criminals — who are still at large — could be lumped in with many of the dumbest criminal stories because they stole a car with a child inside, but I say they might be some of the smartest dumb criminals. They did take the kid to school and then ditched the car, afterall.

Actually, Uber is hiring so they might have a bright future. Just better not put those kidnapping and grand larceny charges down on the application…

Source: The Virginian-Pilot