Thieves Butt-Dial 911 While Discussing Their Crime

If you have ever watched a mobster movie or an episode of The Sopranos you know that any self-respecting criminal covertly refers to their crimes as “that job” or “that thing we did.” A couple of would-be criminal masterminds found this out the hard way when one of them accidently butt-dialed 911 while blatantly discussing in detail a recent burglar they committed.

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You guys really got to hear this.

Aaron Burrel and Yvonne Thyberg of Roswell, New Mexico blasted Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” in celebration as they drove around giving a play by play recap of their heist to a surprised 911 dispatcher who recorded the whole conversation which lasted forty five minutes. They sure were proud of themselves.

 “We basically robbed them, dude! I know we should have gotten a lot more, but you know what, my only thing is that we got away safe, clean,” one of them is heard saying on the 911 tape released by the police.  

In a bizarre move they even disclosed the address of the house they robbed at one point saying; “We rolled over to Hervey Street and took it out of the f**king house.”

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Bad news, your house was broken into; good news; by morons.

The cops went over to the house in question on Hervey street and sure enough it had been burglarized.  They traced the 911 call back to Aaron Burrel’s phone and here is the best part. Burrell says that it’s not him on the phone, but rather some people who were in an adjacent car, talking REALLY loudly… for forty five minutes about their robbery.  Genius.

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Burrell and Thyberg were arrested for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit residential burglary and receiving stolen property. Although these two bumbling crooks should probably be taken off the street for their own safety, who knows what would happen if they stole money from the mob and accidently pocked dialed the boss. (OK, I bet you can guess.)

This kind of thing happens all the time; just last week a guy thought he was texting his drug dealer when he accidently texted his parole officer asking him for some weed. Whoops!

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