Thief Bets Victim Doesn't Have Gun, Loses Staff by Staff on Jun. 22, 2014


Thief Bets Victim Doesn't Have Gun, Loses

Being a professional criminal is basically the same as being a professional gambler. In both occupations you’re looked down upon by normal society, and in both occupations you tend to take huge risks for the potentially big payoff. But unfortunately for would-be criminals and gamblers out there, it also means making the occasional bad bet, like the guy who tried to rob a guest at a Jackson, MS Motel 6 and ended up getting a bad hand.

The reason for all the gambling metaphors is because the guy ended up getting shot after reportedly approaching his mark in the parking lot first by asking if he had any cigarettes. When he said no, the thief replied “I bet you don’t have one of these,” showing a gun. That bet, as you probably guessed by now, ended up being the wrong one, as the attempted criminal who’s read one too many Elmore Leonard novels ended up getting shot at least once and hospitalized. The house always wins, man.

(Via MS News Now)