They Don’t Make Cool Looking TVs Like This Anymore

Today everyone is excited about Ultra HD TVs, curved TVs and the latest and greatest flat screens that can stream video from the Internet. Back in the early days of television the screens were small and boxy, but manufacturers tried to make up for lack of picture quality with some pretty unique designs. Here are some of the most fascinating sets from yesteryear.

1.  Casio TV-70 Portable TV With Solar Projection System, 1986

2. Seiko T001 TV Watch, 1982

3. Sinclair Microvision TV, 1977

4. The JVC Videosphere, With Alarm Clock Base, 1970

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5. The Keracolor Sphere, 1968-1977

6. Panasonic TR-005 Orbite, l 1960s

7. Philco Safari, 1st Transistor Portable TV, 1959

8. 1-inch Philco Tandem Predicta, 1958

9. Teleavia Panoramic III, 1957

10. Tele-Tone TV-209, 1949

11. The Sonora Sphinx (France), 1949

12. A Baird Lyric, 12-inch Screen, 1946

13. Marconiphone Television 702, 1937

14. Baird Televisor, 1930

15.  Semivisor, by René Barthélémy, 1929

16.  Kuba Komet, 1957

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Source: I09