These New Photos Of Pluto Are Amazing

This past July the world held its collect breath here on Earth as the New Horizons probe, which spent nine years traveling to the dwarf planet, sent mankind the first ever real photograph of Pluto. While some people were confused why they weren’t seeing a picture of Mickey Mouse’s dog, the rest of us were awe struck at this ground breaking achievement in space exploration. Good work humans!

Now that the spacecraft is through the Pluto system, it is hard at work sending even more detailed images of the surface of the former ninth planet from the sun. Unlike Mars, New Horizons hasn’t discovered any weird anomalies that could have the Internet go nuts debating if a woman or alien life form are hanging out there- yet.

What NASA is describing as a “Intensive Data Downlink Phase” will send images and information across the three billion miles of space taking 4 and a half hours to make it to scientists on Earth. All of the data in the spacecraft will take one year to complete. I guess they don’t get a strong Wi-Fi signal on Pluto.

A scientist working on the New Horizons mission said that;

“This is what we came for—these images, spectra and other data types that are going to help us understand the origin and the evolution of the Pluto system for the first time. And what’s coming is not just the remaining 95 percent of the data that’s still aboard the spacecraft— it’s the best datasets, the highest-resolution images and spectra, the most important atmospheric datasets, and more. It’s a treasure trove. ”

The little space probe isn’t done though. In 2019 it should reach The Kuiper Belt for a flyby of some objects in that region of space. So check back here in 2019 for more sweet pics! (If you are reading this in 2019, how did the new pictures come out?)

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Source: PopSci