There’s Something Odd About the Staff At Cellular Solutions

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Nov. 13, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cellular Solutions!



Wow, effortless business mobile contracts. Sounds great.  Say, can we meet the staff?



We sure can!  These ladies seem nice.  Who else works here?



Account Managers, Support Team, everyone looks really nice. What if I just scroll down a little here…



Interesting.  There’s something about the staff here…can’t quite put my finger on it.



Yeah, there’s definitely something.  Oh, I get it.  This is a company run by women, that’s great.  Women in the communications industry, being independent and proactive, making things happen, getting things done, running their own company at all levels of management and…oh wait, we can scroll down a little more and see senior management.



Visit cellularsolutions to meet the staff for yourself!  (Hope they don't edit their website to try to change this any time soon.)

Graeme-Robert-943 User

haha, this is hilarious. The way back machine link someone posted ( ) has one male staff member outside management. and the google cache link here  doesn't have him.

using the way back machine you can see that he has been there a while, but recently left. But you can also see one of the other male staff, richard holland go from just management to becoming senior management 

Vancilicious User

You may have noticed that we no longer have a ”meet the staff” page. Following a rise in visits to our website and mentions of the company through certain media channels in relation to our recruitment policy, we have chosen to remove it from the website indefinitely.

niceboy_al User

If I owned a company, I will hire whoever I want too. It's private business. Nothing wrong with that.

RiotSt4rt3r User

I wonder if all their periods synced up. My god that would be hell.

mykylc User

Lookin' at ass all day long.  dees guys!

Mr_Tideman User

Lily white chicks only.  Racist and sexist, well done!

Mr_Tideman User

Makes sense to me.  5 senior managers are guys because women fizzle out like a bad fart in upper management.  Put a couple of women in charge of HR and middle management see who gets hired, no mystery here.  I'm sure they hired a few token guys who didn't last a month.  You want to see women like that at the local pub after work but in the workplace, it's a nightmare.

Mark Bonenfant
Mark Bonenfant

At face value it looks like a handful of men with a knack for hiring photogenic women started a mobile phone company. Is there any evidence the women are underpaid or are prevented from advancement?

Thors-Man-229 User

LOL> "Down for Maintenance".  

Jesse Banke
Jesse Banke

can get a cell phone with a happy ending??

LostKeys User

Why does it matter...? How many men want to be a fucking phone salesman for their career...? 

Fred Ogle
Fred Ogle

"Sorry, our site is down for maintenance.".. lol

notorious40z User

Wow so id totally bang that whole company minus the senior management.

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

Ta, Ta, Ta, Ta, my Katriona.

Sam Plank
Sam Plank

dude that page shows different staff than the one on break's site...what the crap is this site hahaha

bigdogbovy User

These guys are obviously Discriminating against the well qualified men that have applied.

I so sick of the discrimination against men

Billyraymontana User

I guess all the employees got their picture taken at the same Glamour Studios

Jason Debenham
Jason Debenham

Got to be fake... every office has it's obligatory munter!

tony_hustle User

Most likely have a closed door policy for interviews...

diydoctor User

its a front for a prostitution service

RiotSt4rt3r User

My top 3:  1: Keri Haines  2: Katriona Fenstein 3: Lauren Steele

RiotSt4rt3r User

lol Richard Holland frosted his hair.


at first look i wouldnt be surprised if this even was real and not fabricated

Justi_fied User

Why would this even brought up? What, when, where, why is non of our business! I don't understand why some of you are bothered by it.

Vil-Mikic-962 User

So your point is? Is this some sort of inequality debate that you are trying to bring here?

David-Novelli-436 User

they are also probably saving a ton of money because they pay them less than men.

Kimchi-Reichard-95 User

When you get some pics of the Account Managers down for maintenance, let me know..

RobbyBoyy User

haha Website down for maintenance go figure.

Ru-Az-174 User

whatttttt.................. website down for maintenance....SUM TIM LOW here...

niceboy_al User

So what. A privately owned company should hire whoever they want.

Vancilicious User

We took this decision in consultation with our staff who are rightly concerned about being posted around the internet by people making inaccurate and inappropriate comments about our staff and our recruitment policies. The “meet the staff” page was designed for our clients to put a face to the name of the people they deal with here and now that page has been taken out of context we feel it is no longer appropriate.

We are an equal opportunities employer and will remain so. We are proud of our team and remain committed to their individual development.

Mr_Tideman User

@niceboy_al If you have an eye for nice female asses, what do I care?  Just don't be moronic enough to advertise that fact on your webpage.  Any guy that applied and didn't get hired has a hell of a good case for an unfair labor practice complaint.

ibanking06 User

@bigdogbovy Senior management have big egos but soft hands.  In other words, they can't manage other men.

Daniel-Ginger-764 User

@Zach Schneider dude you have just turned me onto something fucking amazing!!! except....i dont really know how to work this wayback tiime machine...its stilll fucking awesome!!!!

Mr_Tideman User

@RobbyBoyy Nobody expected that.  They're running their asses off to hire their sons and nephews, or at least swipe their pictures for the website.  Ass-cover Plan Delta---GO!!!!