There’s Something Odd About the Staff At Cellular Solutions

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cellular Solutions!



Wow, effortless business mobile contracts. Sounds great.  Say, can we meet the staff?


[[contentId: 2538646| | style: height:360px; width:600px]]


We sure can!  These ladies seem nice.  Who else works here?


[[contentId: 2538647| | style: height:448px; width:600px]]


Account Managers, Support Team, everyone looks really nice. What if I just scroll down a little here…


[[contentId: 2538648| | style: height:425px; width:600px]]


Interesting.  There’s something about the staff here…can’t quite put my finger on it.


[[contentId: 2538649| ]]


Yeah, there’s definitely something.  Oh, I get it.  This is a company run by women, that’s great.  Women in the communications industry, being independent and proactive, making things happen, getting things done, running their own company at all levels of management and…oh wait, we can scroll down a little more and see senior management.


[[contentId: 2538650| ]]


Visit cellularsolutions to meet the staff for yourself!  (Hope they don’t edit their website to try to change this any time soon.)