There Is A Smiley Face In Space! Made of Galaxies!

NASA’S Hubble Space telescope has been taking some amazing pictures of galaxies from long ago and far, far away. The telescope captures so many large photos of space that they even have a competition called Hubble’s Hidden Treasures where users from the public can scour data from Hubble and submit unique images they find. Judy Schmidt made the delightful discovery of a Galaxy Cluster (a group of galaxies bound together by gravity) SMILING back at her.  That or she discovered God’s emoji.  

In this part of the universe smiling is how “they” show anger.

Galaxy Cluster SDSS J1038+4849 (in case you need directions) appears to be smiling at us, something that happens often due to pareidolia, recognizing faces where there isn’t one. This happens a lot in space, such as with the infamous “Face on Mars”- or at least that’s what the government wants you to think, right.

Buddy of Galaxy Face: They Spy On Us

What is trippy, mind blowing and awe inspiring if you think about it, is that what appears to us as a face doodle or an emoji is actually millions of light years away and across. While the two “eyes” are two separate, distant galaxies, the “smile” is something called strong gravitational lensing –because the gravitation al pull of the galaxies is so strong it results in the distortion of space and time around them. The sides of the face are an “Einstein Ring” because light gets distorted by objects with an extremely large mass. Now read that again in Matthew McConaughey’s voice.

Source: The Washington Post

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