Female Walmart Shopper’s Excuse For Stealing Vibrating Penis Ring Is Quite Funny

A 25-year-old woman identified as Therasa Prine was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida after police caught her stealing items from a local Walmart. Those items included a vibrating penis ring, arousal gel and other sex toys.

When asked by the officer about why she didn’t pay, Therasa’s response was both funny and pathetic: She said she was “too lazy” to pay. We’ve heard a lot of shoplifting excuses but admitting to being lazy usually isn’t part of a criminal’s defense.

Things quickly got less amusing for Ms. Prine when cops searched her purse and found pills and weed. Now she faces drug charges on top of the shoplifting charge.

As you can probably tell from her mugshot, this wasn’t Therasa Prine’s first rodeo. She’s been arrested multiple times for everything from domestic violence to grand theft to resisting arrest.

What was she planning on doing with that vibrating penis ring? That’s one question the police were scared to ask.

Source: The Smoking Gun