The Worst X-Ray a Man Could Ever See Staff by Staff on Aug. 19, 2013

Listen up gentlemen: When it comes to the health of your manhood, you really shouldn’t… fork around.  One Canberra man found this out the hard way when he went to the hospital bleeding from his penis. The man had inserted a four inch fork into his urethra in a misguided attempt to achieve sexual gratification. Don’t worry guys; doctors were able to successfully remove the utensil from his penis. The man and his little buddy are doing just fine, dreaming up more things he can insert where they don’t belong.

S31FER User

Idiots like this don't deserve sexual gratification.

primordial User

when I was little I had a black friend and his house seemed fine during the day. we had a campout in his backyard one day. went in side to get some snacks, opened the cabinet and holy crap there were probably like 30 roaches that scurried away. I also worked for sears as a home appliance installer and I can tell you some scary stories about roaches in an old black woman's house. she bought a new fridge because her old one was completely infested with roaches. the older black gentleman I worked with knocked ov

WaccoFozzy User

Takes the statement "I'd rather stick a fork in my eye" to a whole new level

LostKeys User

I can only hope they removed his testicles with the fork. Breed not this one must. 


That is the most FORKED UP shiest I have EVER seen a man do to his hotdog...

p00pC4Ut3 User

he forked up, forked himself, was planning on tossing the salad and f-ing her at the same time 

Cool-Jon-1 User

Still a Better lovestory than Twilight.

My-2-Cents User

@primordial - What the fuck does that have to do with the price of tea in china.  I feel dumber for just reading it.  Go drink some draino or something...

rbkroe User

@primordial what metal hospital are you located? nice picture by the way. please, don't have children.

Buckwheet User

@eldystar It took me two clicks to find out where Canberra couldn't do that before posting? Lazy fuck.

treyert User

@rbkroe Cute trolling. Now, go back to school to learn how to write and punctuate, kid.