The Worst Movie Trailer You’ll See All day

Have you ever heard of Anton Pictures?  Praise whatever higher power you believe in if you haven’t.  Anton Pictures is responsible for things like this;

0:01 – In a world where space rule?  Is this thing trolling us at the one second mark?

0:01 – Wait, they have 2000 movies to watch?  Are they all this good?

0:06 – $2 says that prop cost $2.

0:10 – is the prison female?

0:15 – is there any chance the people who made this movie were volunteers and not victims of human trafficking?

0:19 – To reiterate, in a world where space rule, one female spaceprison found the entropy.

0:24 – Muzzle flare!

0:27 – And dared to crash.  The longer this sentence gets the less sense it makes.

0:33 – Hold still ladies, there’s a net.

0:34 – So are those apes or what?

0:42 – In a place.  Ugh.

0:43 – Was that a rock upside the head at sleepwalking speed?

0:44 – Who became?  What?

0:46 – Ladies, you look as lost as the rest of us.

0:47 – A legend. 

0:53 – So the full sentence is “In a world where space rule one female spaceprison found the entropy and dared to crash in a place who became a legend empire of the apes.”  That is the worst sentence.  That sentence should be ashamed.

1:06 – The trailer is over and there’s still a solid 16 seconds of what left to watch?  What the hell is this?

1:08 – Things?  You made a movie called Things?

1:10 – The Curse of Lizzie Borden II?  For real?

1:11 – Ugh, just turn it off.