The worst marriage proposal videos; Don’t do this

A marriage proposal is generally between two people but sometimes the proposer wants to involve other people for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because they want to share their happiness with their loved ones or they think it’s a cute idea to make it a public spectacle. Or maybe they think that if it’s done in public, they won’t back out or she can’t say no. The problem is what if she does? It’s really not a good idea to propose in front of strangers, especially a stadium full of them unless you know 100% for sure she is going to say yes. Even a maybe is not going to work so well. Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the situation when a girl publicly says no since she generally will run off, leaving the guy to do what? Exactly. Usually the guy runs off too…just in the opposite direction. And with social media these days and the proliferation of camera phones, chances are high you will end up on the list of the worst marriage proposals in the history of the world. Which is not an attractive list to be on. Check out our collection of the would-be Romeos who didn’t follow the advice of keeping it private and wound up starring in the worst marriage proposal videos

You need to know what’s an awesome marriage proposal to really get how bad a bad marriage proposal is:

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In the below video, even Valentine’s Day couldn’t help. In 2008 at a Houston Rocket and Sacramento Kings game, a man proposed to his girlfriend center court on Valentine’s Day and she walked off. Everybody in the arena felt sorry for him even then Houston Rocket star Tracy McGrady who had a “that ain’t right” look on his face. Everybody felt sorry for the guy. At least it seems someone gave him a beer. Maybe the announcers jinxed it with all their commentary about it.

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The following marriage proposal took place at a baseball game and frankly, Stevie Wonder could see the girl wasn’t into the guy much less want to marry him.

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Even though this following worse marriage proposal is only a commercial, no doubt there is some dude out there that will see this, get inspired and think this is actually a good idea. Even if your significant other is a urologist, believe me, this is NOT and never will be a good idea for a marriage proposal.

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Keep in mind animals don’t care about your love life. Don’t ruin your romantic moment with unpredictable mammals like dogs and babies.

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Besides public humiliation when she says no, there are plenty of other ways for a marriage proposal to go wrong. This story is an example of how over the top marriage proposals may literally put you over the edge. In Ijsselstein, Holland, a man rented a crane so he could lower himself into his beloved’s bedroom window, play a song to her and then ask for her hand in marriage. Sounds good in theory except the crane fell over and smashed a huge hole in the neighbor’s roof.  A larger crane was brought in to lift the fallen crane but the crane fell again and this time, it wiped out the roof entirely. Six apartments had to be evacuated after the building was deemed unsafe. Despite being one of the most destructive and worse marriage proposals ever, the girl said yes and the couple even took a trip to Paris to celebrate. It was probably a good idea to get out town considering there’s at least six really pissed off families who are not impressed with this Romeo’s idea of romance.

crane falls

One of the saddest and worse marriage proposals (it’s a good thing there’s no video of it), happened in August 2014 after veteran rock climber, Brad Parker proposed to his girlfriend, Jainee Dial after they both climbed to the top of Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park. Jainee accepted Brad’s marriage proposal and Brad’s father, Bill said his son told him it that was “the happiest day of his life.” Later, Brad headed off without Jainee to climb Matthes Crest, a ridge of rock near Cathedral Peak. He was climbing alone and without ropes. Witnesses saw him fall to his death around 5:45 pm. Like so many other friends and family, Jerry Dodrill, a longtime friend was stunned. He said, “It blows me away about what happened. I keep replaying what might have happened on what was supposed to be the best day of his life.”

brad parker

For you guys who are thinking of taking the big plunge into permanent coupledom, before you start dreaming up epic marriage proposal ideas take a look at this video about the real cost of diamond engagement rings. This is good to know especially if you’re not quite sure in the first place about whether she’s the one.