The Worst Father/Son Falling Out You’ll Ever See

Fighting with your dad is almost a right of passage for every child. “But Dad, I want to drive the car!” or “Don’t tell me how to live my life, Dad!” or “No, those pantyhose aren’t mine!” We’ve all been there. But this Chinese father and son carried their quarrel further than we’ve ever seen.

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As you can see, the father, in his $100,000 Mercedes, wouldn’t let his son, in a nice BMW, get ahead of him and kept bumping into his son’s car. After trading some paint, the father did a U-turn and t-boned his son (and you’re never suppose to do any type of boning to your son). After the crash, the son jumped out and ran causing the father to pursue on foot.

The cars were left to be towed away by police and the two were later taken into custody.

Not much is known of the situation other than the father has admitted he and his son had a falling out long ago. But this falling out must have been very, very hard because these two just wrecked very expensive cars in a busy intersection. Most fights cause years of silence and thick layers of resentment and sadness. But these two took it to another level.

And you know, I kind of respect that. They weren’t about to remain silent. They had to really get their emotions out. And thank goodness they were wealthy and could afford to do this. If it were my dad and I, he’d ram me with his 1976 Ford 150 and probably kill me as I walk most places. And if were even involved in a foot chase, he’d probably die of a heart attack and I’d vomit and sweat profusely.

But fear not, dad. You aren’t alone in being a bad father. Here are some more dads you can now count in your company!

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– Mark (follow on twitter)