10 Cringeworthy Lap Dances You Don’t Want Any Part Of

Recently, concert footage from a Rhianna concert surfaced showing the singer giving maybe the whitest man ever an onstage lap dance. It’s no surprise, because it’s a part of her usual show. But because she picked a nerdy kid, it made for one brilliantly awkward moment.

[[contentId: 2656804| | size: 100]]

We safely assumed this wasn’t the first time an awkward lap dance occurred in the world, so we decided to comb the Break site and find the most cringe-worthy lap dances we could find. Here are the results.

#10: The Butt-Face Slam Lap Dance

Nothing like having your face slammed into a bony butt in front of a crowd! I doubt anyone here is jealous of these two guys.

#9: The Lap Dance Interruption

What makes for a great lap dancing video? When the cops show up, of course.

[[contentId: 2317955| | size: 100]]

#8: The Lap Dance Prank

What’s better than an awkward lap? A lap dance with people that don’t know it’s coming! These poor people.

#7: These Teachers Getting A Lap Dance In Front Of Their Students

The best part is when the teachers have had enough and walk out. Before you ask, this was at a university in Germany. They’re real loose over there.

[[contentId: 927367| | size: 100]]

#6: Luigi Gives Mario A Lap Dance

If anything will ruin your childhood, it may be this visual right here.

[[contentId: 2200259| | size: 100]]

#5: Two Guys. One Classroom Lap Dance

These two just sealed their fate for the rest of their high school careers.

[[contentId: 570730| | size: 100]]

#4: The Butt-Face Slam Lap Dance: White Girls Edition

Even though these girls have some real trouble finding the beat, they hit the bullseye every time. Good job, ladies! Now someone call the paramedics because you just broke every bone in their body.

[[contentId: 2505882| | size: 100]]

#3: The Ole Switcharoo Lap Dance

Getting a lap dance on your 21st birthday can be the greatest birthday gift of all. But not in this guy’s case. Shame we didn’t catch his full reaction once he realized it’s a dude.

[[contentId: 573780| | size: 100]]

#2: Teacher Gets Arrested For Giving Her Student A Lap Dance

Even though we don’t actually see the lap dance here, it’s still pretty cringe-worthy when you hear the details. She even did it in front of the other students. Oh boy.

[[contentId: 2603513| | size: 100]]

#1: The Nut-Crunch Lap Dance

We have a winner! This guy, on the other hand is the loser. His dancer decided to slam full throttle on his baby giver. It’s extra hilarious when the dance pretty much ends because of it.

[[contentId: 1898652| | size: 100]]

Let’s hope that last guy recovered. Giving him the #1 spot was the least we could do for him.