20 Of The Worst Christmas Trees Because They’re Not All Gems

The holidays can be a depressing time of year. Even if you can afford all the shiny objects and expensive presents that can make Christmas extra special, you are still susceptible to seasonal depression and it’s twice as worse in that scenario because you’re also completely delusional.

There are few sadder sights on Christmas than that of a wimpy Christmas tree outside of an egg nog drowning crime scene. Our love for the holidays is strong so we scoured the web for you to find the saddest of the sad “tannenbaums” and gathered them together to save you the trouble of finding a reason to ruin your own holiday mood.

1. Someone Asked Santa for a Roomba

2. The Town That Said “Meh, Christmas”
[[contentId: 2799103| alt: | style: height:824px; width:510px]]

3. Charlie Brown is Laughing at You
[[contentId: 2799104| alt: | style: height:509px; width:509px]]

4. If Sadness Was a Tree
[[contentId: 2799105| alt: | style: height:336px; width:509px]]

5. Your Nervous System with Christmas Ornaments
[[contentId: 2799106| alt: | style: height:493px; width:510px]]

6. The Christmas When Dad Got Drunk and Decorated the Nearest Plant
[[contentId: 2799107| alt: | style: height:680px; width:510px]]

7. If IKEA Sold Christmas Trees
[[contentId: 2799108| alt: ]]

8. The Tree That Could Cry If Plants Had Tear Ducts
[[contentId: 2799109| alt: | style: height:768px; width:509px]]

9. “It’s a Major Fire Hazard, Charlie Brown!”
[[contentId: 2799110| alt: | style: height:676px; width:507px]]

10. That Tree Has a Unibrow!
[[contentId: 2799111| alt: ]]

11. If Nick Offerman Made a Christmas Tree
[[contentId: 2799112| alt: | style: height:742px; width:511px]]

12. Christmas Tree or Festive Septic Tank Brush?
[[contentId: 2799113| alt: | style: height:680px; width:510px]]

13. The Hipster Who Decided to Celebrate Christmas
[[contentId: 2799114| alt: | style: height:643px; width:509px]]

14. The Dad Who Forgot to Get a Tree and Will Have to Pay for a Child Psychologist Someday
[[contentId: 2799115| alt: | style: height:803px; width:507px]]

15. The Christmas Tree That Wished for Corrective Spine Surgery  
[[contentId: 2799116| alt: | style: height:674px; width:506px]]

16. The Tree That Gave Up on Life
[[contentId: 2799117| alt: | style: height:630px; width:506px]]

17. It’s a Sad Christmas AND the World’s Saddest Bullet Holder
[[contentId: 2799118| alt: | style: height:383px; width:511px]]

18. The Tree That Reminds You That Global Warming is Real
[[contentId: 2799119| alt: | style: height:388px; width:511px]]

19. This Christmas Tree Was Brought to You By a Grant from Pfizer
[[contentId: 2799120| alt: | style: height:732px; width:511px]]

20. The Tree That Stopped Trying
[[contentId: 2799121| alt: | style: height:535px; width:509px]]

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