The World’s First Strip Club Made Of Legos

If you have ever gone to a strip club and were about to hand a dancer a dollar bill, but she told you to “put it between my bricks” – you might be at a Lego strip club. That’s because the folks at Citizen Brick have laid some serious brick and created a custom Lego strip club set tastefully titled “The Citizen Brick Center For The Performing Arts.” Now when you want to hit the strip club, you can truthfully tell your old lady that you’re just playing with your Legos.

Probably Easier To Clean Than Most Strip Clubs

For only $275 you can get all the little, yellow lap dances you’d like. Joe Trupia of Citizen Brick has been creating custom Lego sets for years and is most famous for the You can order your set on the Citizen Brick website.

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Yes or no?

The Citizen Brick website describes the “performing arts center” set as:

Grab a front row seat for the majesty of the greatest custom LEGO® set ever crafted! The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts is place where dreamers can dream, and dancers can dance. And dream. And also dance.

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Lego Ron Swanson Loves The Lego Ladies.

You don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself at this juice bar when you stand up with a stiffy, because everyone in the joint is also stiff; they’re made of plastic!

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Lego Strippers Stay Fit Picking Up Giant Plastic Dollars

The official, real Lego company is aware of Citizen Brick’s customizations. While most companies would give the old “cease and desist” after seeing someone take their family friendly toys and make and sell a strip club version of them, Good Guy Lego looks the other way as long as Citizen Brick posts a disclaimer distancing itself from the Danish company. What Lego set do you want to see them create next?

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All The Plastic Is Going To Rush To Her Head

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Source: Huffington Post