The Weirdest Products At CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is happening in Las Vegas this week and it’s everything a tech loving nerd can do not to wet himself with excitement; hopefully not too much or someone will get electrocuted. Earlier this week we told you about Audi’s self-driving car making the sweet road trip all the way from San Francisco to Las Vegas.  Now here are some of oddest new tech gadgets; some are like a prop out of Star Trek and some are like a prop out of Carrot Top’s whacky prop bag.

1. Toshiba’s ChihiraAico  “Lifelike” Robot

This lady is not a lady, but it’s not what you think; she’s a robot. Toshiba introduced the ChihiraAico Tuesday with the aim of it achieving “real heart-warming communication with a human-like Facial expression. Not sure how much it is actually “communicating” with humans and just doing the same thing the animatronic bear band at Chucky Cheese have been doing for the past 30 years. Also, I own a Toshiba laptop computer; let’s just say that we don’t have to worry about this thing taking over the world anytime soon; it will probably get a “blue screen of death” and someone will have to hit control – alt- delete on the thing to reboot it.

2. Empire Robotics’ Versaball: The Beer Pong Playing Robot

[[contentId: 2803989| | size: 75]]

If you have ever played beer pong with an expert frat bro you know they are pretty much robots at beer pong anyway. Now for those of you who never get invited to any fun parties, or just want to practice drinking alone at home comes a robot beer pong player from Empire Robotics’ called the Versaball. This is how the Russian would have trained if Rocky IV was about beer pong.

3. The Emotia Smart Automatic Belt

Marty McFly got to wear self-lacing sneakers in 2015 and good news everyone! We will get to wear… a self-tightening belt. Emotia’s Smart Belt is meant to help keep track of your health and loosens and tightens depending on how much you have eaten or worked out. Which makes sense; if you have eaten so much that you have fallen into a food coma and can’t be bothered to loosen your own belt?

4. The Melo Mind Headset

This gadget you wear on your head supposedly reads your neural activity in your brain and translates it into music. Your brainwaves are sent through Bluetooth and connected to an app which in turn determines your level of stress. The stress signals are then translated into music to relax you.  This all sounds kind of stressful.

5. Logbar’s The Ring: Controls Smart Devices With Hand Gestures

Someone finally went and made “one ring to rule them all.” Japanese company Logbar has made “The Ring” – a device that syncs with all of your smart devices including your phone, television, tablet, car and everyone you know who has their home lighting connected to the Internet. You can turn the lights on and off without even having to clap anymore! At $269.99 a pop your inner Sméagol can send texts, emails and even pay for stuff simply by making a finger gesture. Check out the video above; do you think this will take off?

6. Kube: The Beer Cooler Bluetooth Speaker

Do you need a new beer cooler to keep your delicious beer cold? Do you need a new speaker to play your sweet MP3’s? How about kill two birds with one stone and by Thomas & Darden’s Kube; it’s a beer cooler AND a speaker! Holy shit! It can hold two cases of beer, and has a Bluetooth range of fifty feet. The best part is the price: at $1,099 dollars you can let everyone know exactly what type of douche you are who goes to the beach and makes everyone listen to their crappy music.

What is the weirdest and/or coolest thing you are looking forward to seeing in stores that came out of CES this year.  (Besides looking forward to when it’s over and you can stop hearing about it.)

Source: Mashable

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