The Weirdest McDonald's Foods From Around The World

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Jul. 24, 2013

McDonald's might be an American company but now they are all over the world. And to compete, they have to serve more than just burgers and fries. The company has taken cultural influences into consideration and crafted some unique items for specific areas of the world. Some of them we want in America, some of them we never want to think about again.

The McShrimp Burger (Japan)


The McLobster

This is only available in Maine and other areas of America's northeast. That's probably for the best.


Bacon Pie (Japan)


Bits of bacon in a potato-like substance? Yum!

Seaweed-Flavored Fries (Japan)


The Samurai Pork Burger (Thailand)

Pork, teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo. That actually sounds delicious.


The McBean (Sweden)

An burger made from beans. Truly un-American.


The McBaguette (France)

All I can think about with this sandwich is this:


Bubur Ayam McD (Malaysia)

A porridge that comes with chicken. No thanks.


Chicken McDo with Spaghetti (Philippines)


Corn Instead of Fries (Asia)

In Asia, you can substitute corn for fries if you are a sadist.


Georgie Pie (New Zealand)

It's basically a pot pie which means it's delicious and totally not unhealthy at all.



Beer is served in McDonald's locations across Europe. WHAT THE HELL, AMERICAN McDONALD'S?

Any of these you want to try (besides the beer?)

- Mark (twitter)

Neal Forton
Neal Forton

also in NS. Weird they have it in the middle of canada though.. :/

RobJVM User

I've had the lobster thing... it's freaking awesome!

Den-Berubo-Aba-o-653 User

I actually watched the foux da fa fa.. that is some hardcore music!

g-man1984 User

A McBeer is probably the weakest shit ever. Probably Budweiser.

Matty-Jay-751 User

Bubur Ayam McD,, and the shrimp burger are the only ones I wouldn't try. The georgia pie looks good. 

Michael-Thompson-369 User

McLobster was offered in NH also. I think it was pretty much in all New England states but I haven't seen it for a few years now. It was made with 100% lobster and wasn't that bad but it was pricey. You can always get a better Lobster roll at a local clam shack.

John Berman
John Berman

It must have been new on the menu - there were advertisements for it everywhere I went. I finally broke down and had one at the airport before Ieft, cursing myself with each bite.

John That might be our pick, if we had to choose one.

Tino-Juarez-911 User

Love to try a few of these, with beer, of course!!!!

Gary Smith
Gary Smith

I remember them offering the McLobster here in Quebec briefly some years ago.


in paris you can walk into a Mcdonalds and buy a beer, i ain't talkin bout no plastic cup neither, i'm talkin' bout a glass of beer!

Scottie Ulon
Scottie Ulon

I live by a Test Mcdonalds , they had , subs , pizzas , Tostadas , it was Awesome

Briar-Pruney-220 User

9.00$ for the mclobster meal? no thank you. I'd rather spend a shitload of money at red lobster and get the real deal not some fake factory shit

Deez-Ghariani-427 User

the Mc baguette is maaaaad delicious best one on the list

Jamie Page
Jamie Page

You forgot the Mcporridge and pork ( Thailand )

David Mcgraw
David Mcgraw

Why would you buy a mcdonalds lobster roll when you could buy an actual lobster roll?

Will Tam
Will Tam

no love for Hong Kong? They got some breakfast ramen with an egg on top, was there every morning for it. Hated walking the mile and half to get there tho

Erin K Jefferies
Erin K Jefferies

It's available as a promo all over Ontario right now, and maybe more parts of Canada as well.

John Berman
John Berman

i've had the McLobster, it's not bad. available everywhere in Maine.

Badstones User

The mc Lobster is here in toronto and it is absolutely disgusting.

Jose-Canseco-636 User

all those look bomb except for the mcdo. they should add the mcpaneer and mcfalafel. watch "fast foods gone global" they show subway and pizza hut's globalization too pretty awesome

ZHVirago User

the McLobster is ridiculously delicious and anyone who says otherwise probably hates seafood anyways.

Michael-Wascher-303 User

McLobster is in Maine? I've only seen it in the Canadian Maritimes.

RiotSt4rt3r User

Georgie Pie looks like ecstasy, and therefore should be illegal in the U.S. and the Chicken McDo from the Philippines looks like a drumstick rolled in corn flakes. On a side note I wish I could get lobster that cheap.

RomeDome32 User

Would for every item on there, if you're not with it, expand your mind, delicious!!

Mike-Emmons-39 User

the McLobster is served in Atlantic Canada as well. if you arnt sure where you are try the local beer. if it looks like piss you are still in the USA.


@Scottie Ulon Hahahaha.  As if eating McDonalds isn't bad enough, you eat from a TEST McDonalds?  That's playing with fire man.

Hoverman User

@Mike-Emmons-39      "arnt"? And in the US, we begin all sentences with a capital letter.  What's this I keep hearing aboot the great Canadian school system?

tony_hustle User

@Mike-Emmons-39 By Atlantic Canada you mean only the 50 miles north of the US border that is populated right?

Mrfuslas User

Drink alot of piss there in Canada? I've never evaluated who closely a beer looks like piss, guess I'm accustomed to Candian values now.