The Weekend Wrap: July 20th Staff by Staff on Jul. 20, 2013

It’s the weekend, a time to relax and kick back with a beer and some good friends.  And, if you’re looking to enrich your knowledge of the world at large, why not find out what kind of awesome stuff has been happening beyond our borders?  That’s right, the Daily Wrap goes international with our weekend edition.

Suing the Yakuza

A restaurant owner in Japan is suing a Yazuka leader for a refund of her protection money, about $174,000.  After 2 years of paying the gang for protection she decided to stop.  A member of the gang threatened to burn down her building an, according to Japanese laws, gang leaders are responsible for damages by its members and affiliates.  They sound like the most polite and organized gangs ever.


British Heatwave

It’s hot pretty much everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and that includes Britain, where the heatwave they’re experiencing has killed almost 800 people.  With temperatures way above normal for almost a week, the risk of fires destroying woodlands and crops is also a concern.  Lucky for them, people like Donald Trump still don’t believe in climate change, so this is no big deal.


Putin Ain’t Puttin’ Everyone in Jail

The leader of the Russian opposition was jailed last week on embezzlement charges that were about as shady as  study spot under a tree.  In a surprise move he was acquitted and basically everyone is convinced he was only convicted in the first place for being a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin because if there’s one thing Putin hates it’s people not doing exactly what he wants.

Massive protests after his conviction helped bring international attention to the issue and he was let out fairly quickly.  Now Putin will have to wrestle him to the death at a hot spring, the way it was traditionally done in Russia.


Murder in Mexico

According to terrifying statistics, 523 murders that happened in Mexico last year were solved and resulted in a conviction.  That’s out of the 27,500 murders that happened in Mexico last year.  The murder rate in Mexico is double that in the US and is only behind Brazil and India, so there’s a couple countries to reconsider visiting just now.

How’d it get so bad in Mexico?  Police only bother to investigate 4.5% of crimes anyway.  That’s awful by anyone’s standards.


Mirror Mirror on the Mountain

The Norwegian town of Rjukan exists in a valley and misses direct sunlight for 5 solid months a year.  In an effort to counteract nature, the town is going to place giant mirrors on the nearby mountain to direct sun at the town during the off months.  Hopefully this plan wasn’t presented by a James Bond villain who only intends to light the town on fire.

jbart321 User

Climate Change is natural.  Global Warming is a made up agenda.  Two different things.

John-Scheetz-352 User

Mexico also has one of the strictest gun control laws in the world. No such thing as the 2nd Amendment. They don't want the average citizen armed that would mean the government may actually have to listen to the people to avoid a revolution instead of trating them like shit!  Also in Mexico,  only the rich can afford armed bodyguards to protect them from the peasants.  So, getting rid of guns will reduce the murder rate. Tell me, how's that plan workin' out for ya?


@jbart321 We are still coming out of an ice age, human CO2 production is a tiny fraction of what volcanoes and the earth itself puts out, and we have only had truly accurate temp data for a few decades... But don't let that fool you! Ooh, and Al Gore has made millions off of global warming... How convenient. 

jbart321 User

@John-Scheetz-352 Looks like you angered all the anti-gun retards.  They think guns kill people but forget that people pull the trigger.  I would be ashamed to know these people.

nofunitalian User

@John-Scheetz-352 gun fanatics like your self are beyond me. its a fact countrys with the strictest gun control laws have less gun crime. its not even close to debate. let alone the severe decline in gun related suicides and accidents. you sir are the reason the world has a distaste for merica you and people like you.

Slick-Guinea-Pig-435 User

@John-Scheetz-352 You know who else has strict gun laws? England, Canada, Japan, France, Germany etc.. etc... Next time you make an example, maybe you should do research first because your one example is a grain of sand compared to the whole beach of example where gun control does work.

1bigfatcat User

You need to check your facts.  After guns were confiscated in Australia, home invasions skyrocketed.   BTW, you do not have the RIGHT to drive a car and car accidents kill many innocent people and children.  I don't hear you crying to have cars taken off the highway....

WillyKillaKrakka User

@Cody-Koma-656 @John-Scheetz-352 Dude you are so ignorant and deluded I can't even begin to grasp your mindset... don't buy a gun then.... and maybe your family will be accosted by home invaders and you can see what a dumbass you are.

Bob-Harley-589 User

@Cody-Koma-656 @John-Scheetz-352 do you really think the deaths.. robberys... gang crime.. so on would stop if they dont have guns? u r a fool! all this shit happens in every country! do you think its the average man who makes the crimes? no its not! so why take the gun from the average man? then hes just defendless.. i live in Denmark home robberys r rising cos most people cant defend their home with a knife..bat whatever.. but the ''evil crime gang people'' will always find a way to get guns..!  even if i have a gun and i shoot a robber in my own home i still have to prove he was trying to harm me! or else i go to jail.. thats what murica should learn!

nofunitalian User

@passmore428 @Cody-Koma-656 @John-Scheetz-352 theres no talken to the fanatics lol they make up facts to suit there demented needs lol good luck to you though. hope you all learn to do a bit of learnen for your self. rather then the " but fox news said" damn hill billys lol