The Walls Of A Man’s Apartment Started Oozing Blood

Like something straight out of a horror movie, the walls to a Midwest City, Oklahoma man’s apartment started bleeding.

Well it doesn’t taste like ketchup.

And like in any good horror movie Thomas Kennedy tried to wipe up the red streaks rolling down his kitchen wall with some soap and water hoping that they would go away. However, the blood kept coming.

We are going to need a bigger mop.

Now in this situation horror fans know you either call a demonologist or a “paranormal investigator” like the infamous Lorraine Warren or that guy from the ghost hunting show Paranormal State, Chip Coffey who can come over and tell you that he feels things in your home.  

Moving the hell out of that apartment.

However since this was real life Kennedy and his wife and children tried to scrub the red stains from the wall beneath the kitchen spice rack, but the red liquid just kept coming back.  He told local reporters;

‘I got a sponge and I wiped it. Soon as I wiped it, it started coming down again.’

Since Thomas Kennedy is a sensible guy he called the cops who took one look at the brownish- red liquid coming out of his wall and confirmed his worst fear; it was human blood. Things could always be worse: he could have gotten the dreaded wall of arms:

Police went upstairs and discovered that his neighbor had died by falling and cracking his head. A biohazard team had to come in and remove parts of the wall and ceiling to clean away all of the blood, while Kennedy and his family were moved to another apartment in the complex. Although before they go to sleep, they might want to check the wall for faces, just saying. I hate when faces poke through my wall.

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Source: Daily Mail UK