Joseph Gordon Levitt’s New Movie Is Making People Sick – Literally

If you’re not big on heights, you may want to avoid the new movie The Walk.  Based on the true story of French madman Phillipe Petit who managed to sneak up to the top of the Twin Towers in 1974 and go for a tightrope walk nearly 1400 feet above the ground, the movie is a little too real for some people.

Initial reports of the IMAX 3D experience have ranged from people needing to look away from the screen to orient themselves during the film’s climactic  tightrope scenes, to people full out going to the washroom and vomiting.  And apparently it’s no joke, as others are confirming the unfortunate instances of being near these vertigo-sufferers when they blow their tops.

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The question now is, does this mean Robert Zemeckis filmed a hell of a movie that’s intensely realistic and worth a watch, or are there just a lot of weak-gutted movie goers out there who can’t handle popcorn, Milk Duds and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s fake French accent?

For some people, any 3D film causes physical discomfort, it’s just the way our eyes receive images and our brains process them.  Add in hyper realistic, vertigo-inducing imagery and you’ve got a recipe for blecch soup in the theater washrooms, it seems.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a visceral movie experience, sounds like The Walk might be right up your alley.  And if you’re a horror movie producer, take note – if you rip off the height idea and toss in your slasher/monster you can get your audience to puke, and that’ll be some good press.

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